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최종 수정일: 2023년 11월 13일

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Hydrogen flame detector

-MODEL : GTF-1100U

-Detection Distance : 30m (0.1m² n-Heptane pan fire)

-Field of View Horizontal : 100° Vertical : 100°

-Typical Response : Time Typical 5sec. (0.1m² n-Heptane pan fire @ 30m)

-Indicator Status : LED(Bi-Color : Red & Green) / Alarm LED(Red)

-Output : 0-20mA Analog Current Output

-Alarm Relay 1, Trouble Relay 1 (SPST 1A at 30VDC or 0.3A at 125VAC, resistive load)

-KCs Ex d IIC T6, T5, T4

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