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WIKA(비카) 압력 게이지

최종 수정일: 7월 11일

Model: 633.50

Specifications according to data sheet: PM 06.03

Measuring system: stainless steel

Case: stainless steel

Bezel ring: cam ring (bayonet type), stainless steel

Movement: stainless steel

Case filling: with

Nominal size: 100 mm

Unit: mbar

Scale range: -60 mbar...100 mbar

Process connection: 1/2 NPT

Connector location: lower mount

Special design features: ATEX type of protection c with device category 2G and 2D Case

type: case with blow-out disc back

Accuracy class: class 1.6 Movement: stainless steel

Ingress protection: IP 65 Case filling fluid: glycerine-water-mixture

Package: Single packing

Case surface: bare Pointer: standard pointer

Pointer colour: black

Permissible ambient temperature: Standard

Permissible medium temperature: Standard

Case material: Stainless steel

Window: Polycarbonate, for zero correction

Attention: ATEX type of protection c with description h on Label

Dial description: Pressure Gauge Standard: International (standard Europe)

Color for 1.scale (outside): black

Dial background: White

Individual text for dial: Green band from -5 to 2,5 mbar

Manufacturer logo: WIKA

Serial number on label norm-mark on dial: EN 837-3

Accuracy class on dial: Cl.1.6

조회수 6회

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